Children and Teens

Your Teenager…Do They Need Counseling? Know The Signs

Self-isolating In their rooms
Not communicating with you or peers
Grades dropping in school
Sleeping too much
Not sleeping enough
Appetite changes
Mood changes: irritable, sad, agitated
Self-destructive behaviors
Substance abuse

Do any of these remind you of your teenager?

If so…Don’t wait…A teenager in crisis often doesn’t know how to ask for help…They depend onyou to notice they need it…

Morin Therapy is here to help your teenager recognize their pain…empower them to find the strength to work through it, and reach their ultimate goals in life…

Children and Counseling - Does Your Child Need Counseling?

Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Bipolar or Mood Disorders
Learning Disabilities
Behavioral Disorders
Sensory Deprivation Disorder
Anxiety Disorders
Grief and Loss Issues
Child Therapy

Is your teenager on an IEP in school?

Susan Morin at Morin Therapy will maintain contact with school counselors and other school personnel. Susan will attend IEP, and other necessary meetings to benefit your teen.

Is your teenager on medication? Susan Morin will maintain contact with the prescriber, or refer to a prescriber if needed.

Are there other services involved? In-home services, court ordered services, juvenile probation, whatever the case may be…

Susan Morin of Morin Therapy will be involved as your teenager’s therapist AND advocate…and go Above And Beyond…For Your teen!

How Can We Help You & Your Child?

What issues, disabilities, or obstacles is your child having that is preventing them from reaching their potential?

Do you and your child need an advocate in the school system? Does your child need a referral for a psychological evaluation?

Are there other services involved? In-home services, early intervention, court ordered services, whatever the case may be…

Susan Morin will consult with all professionals and agencies involved with your child, and advocate on your child’s behalf.

Susan Morin of Morin Therapy, will go Above and Beyond for Your Child.