Depression…The Silent Killer!

Do you suffer from depression…weather it’s mild, moderate, or severe…it’s not pleasant…ANDit’s REAL!

How many times have you been told “Just snap out of it?” It’s not that easy, is it? Do you feel misunderstood?

Lack of motivation
Poor concentration and focus
Difficulty with short term memory
Change in sleep patterns
Change in appetite
Irritability and agitation
Crying for no apparent reason

Call Morin Therapy…We are here to help. Susan Morin Does understand, and empathize, and she will listen.

She will help you, help yourself get your life back…AND discover hope again.

Anxiety…Am I Going Crazy?

No…You’re not going crazy! Although that’s what many people think who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.

Have you ever gone to the ER thinking you were having a heart attack because the chest pains were so bad, only to be told it was anxiety…embarrassing huh?

Don’t be…millions of Americans suffer from the same thing…you’re not alone.

Chest pains and heart palpitations
Shortness of breath
Nausea and vomiting
Irritability and agitation
Can’t leave the house
Can’t be in crowded places
Paranoia and unrealistic fears

Call Morin Therapy…Get the Help you need…The help you deserve…Get your life back.

Anxiety - Morin Therapy

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder…The “Roller-coaster Ride”…of Trauma…And Pain…Anxiety…Am I Going Crazy?

Have you suffered a trauma in your life…Maybe even multiple traumas…that left you with nothing but miserable nightmares, flashbacks, depression, anxiety, and what they label PTSD?

Although PTSD never fully goes away…Because that trauma will always be there…Morin Therapy can help you cope with the symptoms and help you live a normal, productive life.

Is Your Relationship Falling Apart…Don’t Become A Statistic…Be A Survivor!

Did you know that statistics show that over 50% of marriages today end in divorce? Don’t be a statistic…Beat the odds!

Whether you’re married, or in a long term relationship…Don’t give up that easily…Couples counseling works…All you need is two willing partners…Susan Morin at Morin Therapy can help strengthen your relationship and help you fix the problems, if you’re willing to try!