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“The grand essentials of life are something to do, something to love, something to hope for.” Thomas Chalmers

Susan Morin, LICSW


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Morin Therapy was established by Susan Morin, LICSW in 2003. Susan is an independent clinician whose primary goal is to empower you to reach your individual goals in life.

At Morin Therapy you will find a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment with a smiling face to greet you and make you feel at ease…

Susan treats all of her patients as individuals. She truly believes in the concept that no one person is the same as the next. Everybody is their own person, with their own individual needs, and their own individual goals. Morin Therapy is focused on the patient, and what YOU want and need, as an individual.

Susan evaluates each patient individually, assists them in determining what their goals for individual or family counseling are, and then she will help You, reach those goals.

If you need a counselor, for yourself, your child, or your family, Susan Morin at Morin Therapy, will treat you as the individual you are, help you reach your personal, or family goals, and go Above and Beyond for You.

Do You know the answer?

  • What is your individual goal?
  • What are the events, issues, obstacles in your life that are preventing you from reaching that goal…or enjoying what you have in life?
  • What is your goal for your child or teenager? What are the learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, or other obstacles, stopping them from reaching the ultimate goal of living a productive life?
  • What are the goals for your family?
  • Do you have the “essentials” in life?
  • Do you, your children, and/or your family have what you need to fulfill your lives?

If not, Call Morin Therapy

Set Goals…Personal goals…Family goals…Whatever your individual needs are…Susan Morin, LICSW, is here for YOU

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